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metalwork, jewelers saw, jewelry making

I started making jewelry to get ready for one of the happiest days of my life! While preparing for my wedding, I thought it would be a great idea to make something from the heart for my bridesmaids. I went to a bead store and learned the basics. I created some beautiful beaded pieces that the girls still wear 


After my wedding, I continued to buy gemstones and make jewelry as a hobby.  I could not stop creating! I have always had a love of stones. When I was young I would collect gemstones and I feel that this new hobby had tapped into that interest.


My dad's wife came over one day and I showed her my jewelry. She loved it! This was an epiphany for me that others may also appreciate what I have created out of love. She went to hobby lobby and purchased my first jewelry displays and a table cover and invited friends over. I actually sold jewelry!


From there, Chioma's Charm was built!  I named it after my daughter, who I live for. Since that time, I have become a jeweler full time. My husband is in the navy and this is the perfect occupation for me to work from anywhere in the world! I have built a website, attended artisan fairs, and I am a self taught metalsmith. I have recently started learning to cut and polish stones and plan to continue building my skill set and working with gold in the future.

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